3 Things the Church Can Learn from the World’s Best Chefs

The church can learn a lot from the best restaurants in America. Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching Chef’s Table on Netflix and been amazed. Each episode draws the viewer into the mind of one particular chef as we discover their drive and passion for cooking. There are 3 important things every church can learn from these talented chefs.


1. Passion

Regardless of the chef, there is an absolute passion that drives them. They give their all to every dish. Passion propels their creativity and pursuit of perfection, which results in breathtaking food.

Imagine if the church and its leaders led with such passion? Sometimes it’s easy to put on cruise control by simply continuing to do what has worked in the past, instead of pushing towards the next level. Young churches that grow, grow through passionate innovation. Are you leading from a place of passion? One chef shared how she developed a growing sushi restaurant, but found her heart just wasn’t in it. So, she eventually sold it to open a restaurant where she could develop and unleash food she was truly passionate about. Like the best chefs, we, church leaders must find our passion and lead from it!

2. Every Detail Matters

You can not be a great chef without caring about the details! In each episode the chefs shared how they cared not only about their food ingredients, but the quality of those ingredients. Many went so far as to grow their own food to ensure the highest quality possible. Then, when it came to preparing the food, EVERY SINGLE DETAIL mattered! They agonized over presenting the best dishes possible every time.

Andy Stanley has shared how he will sometimes walk through his church with the eyes of someone visiting for their first time. He’ll reflect on what he notices at each step. What’s great? What’s distracting? If we really believe the message of Jesus can change the world, why don’t we agonize over every detail of our Sunday Service and our overall process with the same passion as a great chef? Can you think of one place you can improve this week? If it really matters, then it should really matter.

3. Looking at the Bigger Picture

Each chef spoke about something bigger than food. They shared their desire to change the way we grow our food. One chef spoke about wanting his food to evoke feelings that could affect how that person views the world. Another shared how she wanted each customer to feel more connected to the earth through what they ate. The bottom line is that each was selling something bigger than just food.

As a church our ultimate desire is to change lives to change the world. What we do is not about creating great Sunday services. How well do we explain and help people understand our vision to change the world? Are we taking steps to change the world? Almost any good chef can cook a great dish, but the world-changing chefs want to change the world with food. Putting our passion in practice, let’s set our sights a little higher.

If you’re looking for a new show to watch on Netflix and are looking for some inspiration, try Chef’s Table on Netflix. If you are a leader in any capacity in your local church, put that inspiration to good use.