My name is David Thorne and live in Cleveland, OH. I have 3 kids, Caleb Rock, Logan Justice, and Micah Blaze. My wife and I have been married for 17 years and counting!

I love volunteers and I love helping leaders grow. I’ve helped start two growing churches in the Cleveland, developing volunteer leaders within each site. Both churches worked closely with local government, schools, law enforcement and nonprofits to help address community concerns.

I’ve always been interested in learning how people grow, learn, and lead. This passion has led me to earn:

  • Bachelor’s in Psychology
  • Master’s in Practical Theology
  • Master’s in Human Services Counseling
  • Master’s in Management and Leadership
  • Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies – focused on effective volunteer management

I am continually drawn to the subject of effective volunteer leadership. I believe volunteers are heroes and those overseeing volunteers are superheroes. I believe every volunteer administrator is a leader, impacting their slice of the world. I dream of a world where every volunteer team is healthy and led well.

If your volunteer team is stuck and looking for help, I’d love to help.

passionate about the church and leadership since high school. Since then I’ve read every book I possibly could on those two subjects. This passion has led me to earn a bachelor’s in Psychology, and then Masters in Practical Theology, Human Services Counseling, and Management/Leadership.

I’m presently working towards a doctorate in Leadership Studies from Bowling Green State University. I hope to do my dissertation on creating an effective volunteer culture

If you’re looking for an assessment for yourself or your team, I’d love to find a way to help! 

I also use my blog as an outlet for all my passions and all the things I’ve learned thus far. I love sharing thoughts on leadership, parenting, the church, with some random humor thrown in. I hope you enjoy, subscribe and share.