An Equation to Determine Group Health

Below are some numbers you can use after people sign up for your group to determine if you have enough people. (You may not know the people who signed up for your group, but may be able to work with your group coach or staff to see if others may know them.) 

 Here’s an equation you can use to calculate your potential group health. (Include yourself)

For each committed couple you have in your group give yourself: 3 points
For each committed individual (not couple) you have in your group, give yourself: 2 points
For each non-committed couple you have in your group give yourself: 1 point
Group Total: __________ 


Each Committed Couple = 3 points
Each Committed Individual (not couple) = 2 points
Each Non-Committed Couple = 1 point
Group Total:___________

You need to have around 10 points to ensure you have a healthy group. Boom. 

(NOTE: Point values are based on the ability to create a healthy, established group, not determining value for anyone attending group.) 

Again, a smaller group of committed people can be just as, if not more effective than a larger group with less committed people.

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