MEMO: Use of Disguises Prohibited

It has come to our attention that some employees have recently begun to wear disguises within the company. Although at this point, we are unsure the exact purpose of the disguises, we are sure that they are unhelpful to the morale of the company. As, some employees have complained and find the disguises "unsettling", we felt it necessary to take action and prohibit all disguises within the company. We also have reason to believe that disguises could be used to procure extra benefit during the distribution of dinner desserts and the distribution of weekly earned monies. Therefore, please take note ...

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Five Parenting Values Desperately Needed in Politics

As a parent, I’ve wanted to put politicians and political pundits in time-out many times over the past few months. I watched a video this morning where a popular t.v. pundit whined about how “those people” and “that party” were going to destroy the fabric of our nation. It made me angry but I couldn’t quite figure out why.

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How Do You Know If You’re Racist?

Uncovering Racial Bias How do you know if you’re racist? It’s almost an impossible question, akin to considering whether or not you think you’re a bad person. Our lives are filled with biases that protect us from thinking we’re too bad compared to those around us. Check out this list of common biases and assumptions. For example, the confirmation bias helps us interpret information to reinforce our existing beliefs. In the end, we all want to believe we’re the good guys in the story.  However, sometimes we’re not. It’s possible that we have harmful racial biases that are impacting others in ways we may never even ...

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MEMO: Proposed Change in Bedtime

How do you know when it's time for bed during quarantine? Similar to all companies, Thorne Inc. is continuing to pivot during the quarantine. It has come to our attention that a new bedtime may be necessary to ensure the health, safety, and sanity of every Thorne Inc. employee. Therefore, we sent out the following memo. CHECK OUT A FEW OTHER THORNE INC. POSTS TEXT OF THE MEMO To:All EmployeesFrom:CEO Date:March 30, 2016Re:PROPOSED CHANGE IN BED “TIME” Due to recent employee unrest during the workday, and in order to ensure employee safety, a new bedtime committee will be investigating alternate bedtime solutions. Presently ...

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The Challenge of Defining Leadership

Leadership Definition Leadership has been defined many ways. A contemporary author on leadership John Maxwell writes, “Leadership is influence–nothing more, nothing less” (1998, p. 17). Although defining leadership as an influence relationship is helpful, Maxwell’s definition is too general to be helpful and potentially dangerous. Defining leadership as influence is akin to defining doctors as “individuals who give people drugs”. James MacGregor Burns suggests the definition of leadership must separate true leadership from power-wielding tyrants (1995, p 10). Therefore, ethical consideration for the ultimate goal of leadership along with its impact on stakeholders must be accounted for within the definition.  ...

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Understanding Why Volunteers Quit

Understanding why volunteers quit is important. Anyone who's ever managed volunteers understands the constant challenge to recruit, train, and attempt to keep volunteers. Inevitably some volunteers opt to "take their talents elsewhere". Losing volunteers can hurt team dynamics and limit synergy and growth. Taking time to find and train a new volunteer takes away from time spent casting vision and growing your program. Volunteer turnover is definitely a problem. I've been reading research on why volunteers quit for the past year or so. I plan on researching this topic over the next year. But, I thought I'd share a few ...

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Sugar Cereal and Lost Hope for Humanity

Sugar Cereal and Lost Hope for Humanity  Cereal Declares Freedom Cereal is tired of pretending to be a healthy part of a balanced diet. For years it has been shackled by the confines of a society demanding it profess health. And so cereal has played along, professing a myriad of grains in every bite, while watching danishes and doughnuts dance around displaying full sugary delight. But, no more. Cereal knows people want sugar. They know people want cookies for breakfast, but live in a society where pairing a package of Oreos with morning coffee is frowned upon. But, the time for ...

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Dunbar’s Number and Church Plant Success

church plant success Church Plant Success  In the back of my mind I'm always wondering why some church plants take root and grow while others are forced to close their doors. Closed church plants impact lead planter families, community relationships, newly gathered congregants and supporting churches. Church plant success matters. I recently compared around 20 open and closed church plants, comparing size of congregation on launch Sunday and results of the lead planter's Ridley Assessment scores. (Ridley Assessment measures pastors ability on a 5 point scales for 13 identified abilities for successful church planting. I have not found where the ...

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6 Reasons Volunteers are Motivated to Serve

  Volunteer Motivation Volunteers are motivated serve for many reasons. Researchers have hypothesized for decades what motivates people to give of their time and energy to help other people. The most common suggestion is altruism, or the selfless desire to help another person. But, others have suggested people serve to fulfill unmet needs or because of benefits they receive from their efforts. Therefore, determining volunteer motivation can help volunteer leaders in many ways. Once a leader understands what an individual is expecting in a volunteer role, she can work to meet those needs. This can protect volunteers from experiencing burnout and ...

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Multicultural Lessons in School

Multicultural Lessons in School I'd like to share a story with you. But, first, I'd like you to know how much I love my kids' elementary school. They have an amazing principal, teachers, and students. I'd also like you to know that my son is a racial minority within his school. Being a white minority has created so many amazing opportunities for our family to discuss race and privilege. They've learned many valuable multicultural lessons in school. Sometimes these conversations are funny, like when we had to explain to our sons why they couldn't have a hairline like the rest ...

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