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Many companies have begun to use a chat option to connect with customers. I would hypothesize that this enables companies to utilize workers from all over the world without worrying about dialect complications.

The other night I was chatting with our internet provider for what felt like the 20th time. I don’t know what happened, but I decided to add a little levity- for my own sake. I’m not sure my new friend Mike picked up what I was laying down. It started with a bad dad joke.

Mike seemed thankful for the opportunity to sit. It seems that not many customers extend this offer. This makes me concerned for Mike’s work environment.

Sometimes (every time) the English of the individuals on chat seems either a little too perfect or just a little off. I don’t know that I’ve ever used the word “standby” in a sentence. Next time I call my wife and find out she’ll be home from work in about 3o minutes I’ll make sure to respond, “Ok, we’ll standby until you arrive.” My chat with Mike continued…

I felt that Mike was being very formal with me and so I responded in kind. I’m not sure I’ve ever used the phrase, “I request…” Maybe this week I’ll try it out with my kids, “Children, I hereby request that you stop fighting without delay.” Or, when they ask me to play video games I will respond, “I request that you standby until a more appropriate time presents itself.”

I appreciated that Mike was so grateful for my support while helping me with my internet issue. So, I wanted to make sure he knew that I was there for him. That’s what friends do- they’re there for each other. I felt like we were creating a special bond. I was humbled with the honor of supporting Mike during this time in his life.

And just like that, it was over. My best friend Mike and I finished up our conversation. We had been through so much together- like the time he asked me to unplug my internet box and said he’d wait for me. He didn’t give up or leave me- he waited! In today’s world- that means something. That’s the kind of friendship we all wish we had.

We all need someone like Mike in our lives; a best friend who speaks strangely perfect English, will never give up on you, and helps you through your problems. I hope you find your “Mike” this week.

For Mike

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