Dear Younger David #1

My First Entry

I’ve been journaling almost everyday ever since I was in tenth grade. What you’re about to read is part of my first official journal entry from 10th grade!  I recently starting reading back through my journals and found there are many things I wish I could have told myself back then. So, I’m going to share a few of my entries along with my present day response to them.  Notebook #1a


A little bit about me. My father died when I was in third grade from Leukemia. After 8th grade my mom decided to move us to VA. to live closer to family. The move was tough on my brothers and me. My freshman year of high school I had trouble finding my place in the new school and on top of that dislocated my hip skiing (I would not recommend dislocating your hip on a ski slope). I was out of school for a few months while I healed. I was hoping sophomore year would be better.

Sept. 4, 1995 (Sophomore in High School- First Official Journal Entry)

I’ve decided to write how I felt today and see how it goes. Being a Christian we shouldn’t ask why. But, it is so hard. I’ve had my second day of school and it was bad and seems to be getting worse. Trusting in God gives me strength to get through these times but he doesn’t solve them on my time.

My problem is friends. I couldn’t find a best friend last year. Dislocating my hip really didn’t help. I thought it couldn’t be any worse. I will probably change my feeling but right now I think it is worse than last year. Last year I had people to talk to when I got to school and now I don’t even have that.

Things Will Get Better

Dear Younger David,
I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time, but relax. I actually think telling you to relax will sum up most of my present and future advice to you. You’ve been in school only two days, it’s not time to sound the alarm. These days may seem difficult now, but soon they won’t matter at all.

I would also like to inform you that dislocating your hip actually helps no one- ever! And I’m not sure I would categorize not knowing who to hang out with in the 10 minutes before school starts worse than dislocating your hip while skiing! To help put things in perspective I would like to list 5 other things worse than not knowing who to hang out with before school.
5. Being eaten by a bear
4.Forgetting to wear pants to school
3. Jumping out of a plane only to realize you grabbed your backpack instead of your parachute
2. Waking up to the realization you’re the lone survivor in a zombie apocalypse
1. Being attacked by a large gang of ill-tempered squirrels

I know how easy it is in your present circumstances to forget or believe that God is at work, but He is. You’re about to see it for yourself. I know you spent most of the previous year praying for a best friend. You’re about to meet the best friend you’ll ever have. His name is Matt and you two are still friends to this day! You live near him and his family and your children get to play together weekly.

As you pray to God and aren’t sure He’s listening or cares, I want to encourage you to keep going. Don’t give up or give in. Worrying about who to hang out with before school seems like a big deal now, but in the long run this moment is small enough that you won’t even remember it until you pick up your journal 15 years later.

Future David  First Journal Entry

Brown Bear