Gap’s Weird Fall Lineup

As my kids and I shopped at the Gap for my wife’s birthday, we couldn’t help be notice their strangely themed fall clothing lineup. We decided their new clothing line was TV themed.

First up, we have the wizard’s robe

For the female wizard tired of the same-old black or blue robe, consider the Gap’s new robe for the fall. It’s a full robe, made of sweater material. Why may you ask is the Gap now selling full robes? It’s possible they’re looking to expand their market to the  untapped wizarding community.


Next, the Ghostbuster Coat

If, in your spare time you fight ghosts and ghouls, this coat is perfect for you. It has everything- pockets, a nice tan color, and length. It’s not too heavy, making room for your proton pack on the back. The great thing about the coat is that it can double as your next Indiana Jones, adventure-seeking coat. Grab one now before they’re spirited away. 


Lastly, the Pirate Shirt

For the woman that has everything in their wardrobe, but sometimes wants to dress like a pirate, this shirt is perfect for you. It’s the kind of shirt that says, “I’m a serious business person, but I also like to hunt for gold and own a pirate.” If you’re part business, part pirate, this shirt is definitely for you.


As my kids and I perused the ladies clothing section, these are the first thing we noticed. Maybe they’re normal to women, but they seem weird to us. I hope the Gap’s winter lineup is as interesting as their fall lineup.