Manziel: The Quarterback with Average Height

This coming Sunday, Johnny Manziel becomes the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. He’s known for a lot of things;  his arm strength, mobility, charisma, and for some reason his height. He’s 5’11.5″, not quite 6 feet tall. 

5’11.5″ is not short in any way. The average American male is 5’9.5″. But, if he’s going to be called “The short quarterback,” then I think he should wear that title with honor. Johnny Manziel could stand tall and give a voice to the height-challenged all over the world.

If you’ve ever reached for something and had to ask a friend to “get that for you”, then Johnny’s your quarterback. If you’ve ever moved your car seat back before dropping it off for an oil change, just so people will think your taller, Johnny understands. When Johnny takes the field on Sunday, he’s not just representing his school and family, he’s representing all those who’ve never ducked under anything a day in their life.

Being 5’7.5″, I’ll be watching and cheering!  Be awesome on Sunday Johnny because the height-challenged people of the world need someone to look up to. Do it for us Johnny!

Here’s what Marvin Lewis said:

Here’s a link to Johnny’s response:

For perspective, here’s a list of famous people he’s taller than:Hollywood Height Chart

In light of the discussion on being short, I thought I’d share a list of 10 things short people never ever say!

  1. “Oh, I hit my head!”
  2. ‘Man, these pants are too short!’
  3. ‘I wish I had more legroom’
  4. ‘Want me to reach and grab that for you’?
  5. “I wish I was just a little shorter.”
  6. “That roller coaster seat was too small, I was sitting on top of the person next to me.”
  7. “I wish more people would compare me to a hobbit.”
  8. “I hope I’m not blocking anyone’s view behind me.”
  9. “Oh good, we’re taking a group picture, I hope I get to stand in the front!”
  10. “I can’t wait until Halloween and people ask if I’m dressing as an elf, ewok, or oompa loompa.”

Maybe this year for Halloween, we’ll all dress up as Johnny Manziel. 

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins

If you’re interested, here’s a list of average heights by country.