MEMO: Use of Disguises Prohibited

It has come to our attention that some employees have recently begun to wear disguises within the company. Although at this point, we are unsure the exact purpose of the disguises, we are sure that they are unhelpful to the morale of the company.

As, some employees have complained and find the disguises “unsettling”, we felt it necessary to take action and prohibit all disguises within the company. We also have reason to believe that disguises could be used to procure extra benefit during the distribution of dinner desserts and the distribution of weekly earned monies. Therefore, please take note of the following Thorne Inc. company memo.

Thorne Inc. does value the creativity of our employees and hopes to support individual expression. We must attempt to balance individual expression with organizational well-being. Sometimes these two concepts interact and difficult decisions must be made. We want to let all employees know that we did not make this decision lightly.

All employees interested in wearing disguises must meet with management to discuss the purpose of the disguise as we will attempt to accommodate any reasonable requests moving forward.