Making Decisions that Won’t Make Your Kids Crazy

How does your family make decisions? I'm talking about things like: what kids should wear to school, eat for breakfast,  haircut to get, sport to play, what the family will eat for dinner,  do on the weekend, and do with their free time? Families make a lot of decisions. One study on leadership determined there are 4 main decision making styles. When managing people or leading a team, it's important to determine the appropriate decision-making style that will bring about the most success for the team and development of the individuals on the team. But, these 4 leadership styles don't have to stay ...

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How Parents Lead (Part 1)

As a parent, how would you describe your leadership style? Sometimes you may feel like a jolly clown jovially leading your kids, while other times you may feel like a ferocious wolfman chasing your kids around the house while they scream. Or maybe you feel like the Pillsbury dough boy who giggles whenever his belly is poked, or other times you feel like a dictator whose orders must be heeded….or else. However you would describe your parenting leadership style, everyone has a style. Leadership style refers to the way you think about how you lead others. It’s the way you ...

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