How to Have Hard Conversations- EXTRA POINTERS

No one likes having difficult conversations. I know personally I hate being wrong, while at the same time thinking I'm a little more right than everyone else. That's not a good mix but I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I meet so many people deathly afraid to have difficult conversations. They think it's a war or hold back until they explode. They enter the conversation with clips full of ammo, and then wonder why the other person got hurt. It doesn't have to be this way! I shared two previous posts on the subject. There were a few extra pointers ...

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How to Have Hard Conversations #’s 2 & 3

No Fun No one looks forward to having difficult conversations. I don't believe I've ever heard someone say, "I can't wait to tell my friend how upset I was with what they did last week!" But, having said that, I've found that difficult conversations have the potential to strengthen your relationship with others more than most things. Many of you won't believe me. If you don't, then I'd encourage you to read part 1 of this blog post series because how we perceive these types of conversations makes all the difference in how they'll turn out. If you view them ...

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How to Have Hard Conversations

It’s happens to everyone. Your friend is always late. You know your co-worker or friend is mad at you. Your spouse never remembers to pick up their clothes or put the lid back on the toothpaste. When these things happen, you are faced with the inevitable decision- do I bring these infractions to their attention, or not? Many times we choose to wait, hoping time alone, will fix the problem. But, it almost never does. A Little Weird I have always struggled when there’s relational disharmony in my life. If I’m mad at someone, or know someone’s mad at me, ...

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