Dear Younger David #2

August 8, 1996 I went to Kings Dominion with a bunch of friends and a girl named Erica. Erica likes me. She is a very cool girl, but I don’t think I would marry her. So, I don’t know if God wants me to continue a friendship with a relationship in mind, or if God wants me to completely stay on the friendship level. I don’t know, I could learn so much by dating her, but I don’t know. Dear Younger David, I have no recollection of who this girl even is and you have pages of journal entries discussing ...

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Dear Younger David #1

My First Entry I've been journaling almost everyday ever since I was in tenth grade. What you’re about to read is part of my first official journal entry from 10th grade!  I recently starting reading back through my journals and found there are many things I wish I could have told myself back then. So, I’m going to share a few of my entries along with my present day response to them.  Background A little bit about me. My father died when I was in third grade from Leukemia. After 8th grade my mom decided to move us to VA. to ...

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