Thank You Volunteers

I had a meeting with some leaders at Velocity the other night. It was so amazing to hear leaders and volunteers brainstorm how to make Velocity amazing! It makes me think about all the incredible people who make Velocity a special place to be each Sunday. So, here's to you amazing volunteers, both at Velocity, and everywhere. Thank you for the time you take to create something special. Thank you for investing in something that matters!  What I'm Trying to Say Is... This Is For You What You Do Is Kind of Like This... Keep ...

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Video: Classic Jesus Video Parody

What was Jesus like? I've heard it said the biggest job of discipleship is to bring people to Jesus. Then Jesus can do His work in their life. The problem is many people have big misunderstandings about what Jesus was really like. These 4 classic Jesus parody videos play off those misunderstandings. They're meant to poke fun at misperceptions of what Jesus was like and not make fun of him in anyway. What was Jesus really like? How would you describe Him based on the Bible? 

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6 Different Types of Small Groups

I’ve been thinking a lot about discipleship recently and looking at how different churches develop their people. At the core of most churches discipleship program is some sort of small group. So, I’d like to briefly go over 6 different types of groups churches use to disciple their people. To make sure we’re on the same page I’ll define “small group” as any group of less than 50 that meet for the purpose of discipleship (becoming more like Jesus) and relationship. 6 Different Types of Groups: 1. Ongoing, multiplying: The goal of these groups is to grow and eventually multiply ...

How the Grinch Stole Small Group

In the story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch believes the true meaning of Christmas is presents. Believing this, he steals all the Christmas presents from the unsuspecting Whos in Whoville to stop Christmas from coming. But, Christmas morning he finds all the whos singining their hearts out and realizes that Christmas had nothing to do with presents- it meant so much more. Like the Grinch, I’m coming to realize that small groups mean so much more than what I thought they meant. You see, this spring semester we’ve had a few groups who haven’t had as many people ...

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