Five Parenting Values Desperately Needed in Politics

As a parent, I’ve wanted to put politicians and political pundits in time-out many times over the past few months. I watched a video this morning where a popular t.v. pundit whined about how “those people” and “that party” were going to destroy the fabric of our nation. It made me angry but I couldn’t quite figure out why.

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Where Have the Evangelicals Gone

Deep Divide There was something about this past presidential election that struck a cord deep into the soul of America. Some would argue it was more like a lightning strike that split the ground deep, producing a dark divide in our country. Others would suggest that divide has always been there, just hiding in the shadows like an angry dragon, waiting patiently to attack the unassuming village below. I would count myself in the common category of individuals not too enthralled with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but it truly hurts my heart to think that Donal Trump somehow ...

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How Would Jesus Vote?

I would not consider myself into politics. As a pastor for the last 7 years, I try to avoid the topic like an elevator full of adults where someone passed gas. Everyone knows it stinks, but no one wants to bring it up. But, I can’t help myself. I’ve watched almost every single primary debate. The bachelor wishes it had as much drama as these presidential debates. And I’m apparently not alone. A recent Fox news debate drew in 24 million people, more than the NBA Finals and more than the Women’s World Cup Final. Besides the amazing mic-dropping drama, ...

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