Learning Why Volunteers Quit

As a pastor, I've had many volunteers quit over the years. It's not fun; it's frustrating and often confusing. As I've begun a doctoral program in Leadership studies this fall, I'm excited to have an opportunity to investigate answers to the question of why volunteers quit in a more formal way. One of the most interesting details I've noticed recently is a common thread through every framework setting up volunteer research. Research studies will often mention a theory or framework they'll use to build their research study on. The theory used will help direct questions or hypothesize potential responses for ...

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How You View Volunteers Determines How You Lead Them

How you view volunteers will determine how you lead them. In 1957 Douglas McGregor spoke at a conference about two different types of employee motivation. He hypothesized that worker motivation could be broken into two broad categories: Theory X and Theory Y. Those associated with X believe workers are generally lazy, selfish, and difficult to motivate. Those associated with Y believe workers want to work and can be self-directed if properly motivated. When it comes to leading volunteers, how do you generally view people? Do you believe they're lazy and aren't interested in serving (Theory x)? Or do you believe ...

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3 Ways Volunteers View Your Project

3 Ways Volunteers View Your Project Volunteers make up the life-blood of any non-profit organization. Although volunteers are essential, it’s important to note: not all volunteers are created equal. Some are great and contribute significantly. Others become like mythical creatures we've heard existed but have never actually seen ourselves. But, leaders can better work with volunteers if we determine what level priority your volunteer is giving your project. Because our time is finite, a volunteer can not give equal time and energy to every project or group they’re engaged in. A volunteer will have to decide if soccer practice or PTA ...

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3 Questions Every Volunteer Asks

The moment someone signs up to serve on a team, the clock begins to tick. With every passing moment initial interest in your team begins to fade. So, the question is, how do you capture new volunteers and turn them into a fully engaged member of your team?  Communicate! When someone signs up for your team, the most important thing you can do is communicate with them! Call them and introduce yourself. Also try to introduce yourself in person so you each have a face to go with a name. Communicate how your team works, the process to get involved, ...

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free thank you ecards- to thank your volunteers

In order to help thank your volunteers, I found 3 sites you can use to send them thank you ecards. All you have to do is tell them the person's name and e-mail address where you'd like to send the card and they'll do the rest. A little thanks goes a long way.    Here's the best site I found: http://www.kisseo.com/ecard/thank-you This one has more animation: http://ecards.hallmarkcards.com.au/ecards/thank-you This one has a lot of options, including animation: http://www.123greetings.com/thank_you/everyday/

Thank You Volunteers

I had a meeting with some leaders at Velocity the other night. It was so amazing to hear leaders and volunteers brainstorm how to make Velocity amazing! It makes me think about all the incredible people who make Velocity a special place to be each Sunday. So, here's to you amazing volunteers, both at Velocity, and everywhere. Thank you for the time you take to create something special. Thank you for investing in something that matters!  What I'm Trying to Say Is... http://i.giphy.com/FihMsmKxNdStq.gif http://i.giphy.com/6tHy8UAbv3zgs.gif http://i.giphy.com/nU704Y2jeFOHm.gif http://youtu.be/oomCIXGzsR0 This Is For You http://i.giphy.com/c6rJJ6NXpLLyg.gif http://i.giphy.com/wTzPSxZBqSove.gif http://i.giphy.com/y8Mz1yj13s3kI.gif What You Do Is Kind of Like This... http://i.giphy.com/mtBL79qUZiYo0.gif Keep ...

Is Your Church Better Than Starbucks?

I worked at Starbucks for almost 3 years and absolutely loved it. I worked in the drive thru and opened most mornings. I would get to the store at 4:15 in the morning and we would open at 5. Our goal at Starbucks was to give each customer a “Legendary” experience. We didn’t want to just be nice or kind to customers, we wanted to connect with each one in a legendary way. This idea meant a lot to me. It’s why I had too much energy every morning at 5:00am when I would greet the customers. It’s why I ...

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