The Balanced Scorecard of a Successful Family

Winning The old saying goes, “What gets measured gets done.” I recently read an article explaining how essential it is for successful businesses to develop a scorecard, indicators letting them know if they’re winning or not. Typically a business will choose one main scorecard- finances. But, the authors encouraged a more balanced scorecard focusing on different parts of the company. Also, these scorecards should be linked to the company’s vision and strategy. When it comes to your family- are you winning? What scorecard would you use to determine if your family was winning or not? The first things that come ...

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How Wins Build Momentum

If you lead a team, of any sort, winning is important! Last week we talked about how to determine what it looks like for your team to win. Now, let’s talk about building wins! Wins are the fuel that keep your group going and your people excited. Wins build momentum like a wave as it heads toward shore. As your team wins, it will build excitement and buy-in from the people on your team. They’ll then be willing to give more and invest more, because they know it’s worth it and it matters. But, the question is, once you know ...

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Is Your Team Winning?

Winning?  I admit it, I like to win. My wife makes fun of me for turning everything into a competition. A few of the bigger fights we’ve had in our marriage revolved around her amazing ability to beat me in most games (I’m looking at you Settlers of Catan). As you can imagine, being competitive is not always good, and I’m working on it (hoping to become the least competitive of all my friends). But, there is a good side to competition. Winning teams change the world. A winning team of doctors may keep you alive. A winning team of ...

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