The Easter Candy Contract

It’s been a good year for employees at Thorne Inc. This Easter employees enjoyed a sizable “Easter bonus”. Two Thorne Inc. employees decided they wanted to pool all their candy into one large pile, in order to better benefit from their bounty. Management did not think this was a very good idea. The potential threat of future employee conflict was too great. Soon sides were taken and a peaceful resolution seemed all but impossible. But, then something happened. All parties began etching out the framework of what would soon become known as, “The Easter Candy Contract”. The paper went through numerous drafts until all parties felt completely comfortable.

The Easter Candy Contract

Combining the Candy

The Result

Two months later, candy is still in the employee’s possession. Management is proud to say no candy has needed to be confiscated. They may or may not have strongly disagreed with the initial idea, and fought against all parts of the contract along the way. But, because it has worked out well in the end, management is glad to accept credit for such an innovative idea.   


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