Theology and the Mandalorian

I woke up this morning thinking about 2 things- Theology and the Mandalorian.

Reading the headlines I think about theology quite a bit these days. As a Christian I often think about how followers of Jesus are often faced with two perspectives on popular topics and typically use their faith (and theology) to passionately choose one, believing the other is a lie from hell itself. It’s so easy to fall into this paradigm. And this is where the Mandalorian comes in. 

I wonder where I fit in. Maybe you do too. There are many ways we can describe our personal theological paradigm. So, enter the Mandalorian. if you had to choose a character from the Mandalorian that best described your view of theology- which would you choose? 

If you are unfamiliar with the Mandalorian- it is a show set in the Star Wars universe primarily about a character commonly called “baby Yoda”. If you are unfamiliar with theology, it is the frame through which we describe God and our belief in God. If you are unfamiliar with popular political topics being discussed amongst Christians right now- you are my hero.

Check out the following list to see which best describes your theological view.

  1. Baby Yoda: Relax, the way just happens as we flow through life. 
  2. The Mandalorian: There is one way- the right way, the ancient way. This way, as we understand it, must be followed and those who don’t are outside of “the way”. 
  3. Bo-Katan Kryze: There is a way, but the way must be understood in context. 
  4. Boba Fett: There is probably a way; a way that generally guides us.
  5. Migs Mayfield: Whatever way gets you through another day is a good way. 
  6. Moff Gideon: There might be a “way”, but I’d prefer a way that aligns with what I want. What I want directs my way.