Volunteer Leadership Consulting

Volunteer Leadership Support

Working with volunteers can be incredibly rewarding and sometimes frustrating. Consistently seeking new volunteers to fill holes while attempting to retain team morale can be exhausting. You’re suddenly realizing that managing and leading volunteers is something you’ve never been trained to do. You may not even be entirely sure how you ended up in your present role and are wondering what to do next.

So many nonprofits and churches utilize volunteers, but so many aren’t exactly sure how to do it well. Your organization may feel stuck or are wondering how to improve your volunteer culture.

Here to Help

I’ve been leading and learning about volunteer leadership for over 15 years and would love to support your church or nonprofit. If your team is looking for help with managing volunteers, I’d love to help. If your church or nonprofit is struggling with your volunteer culture and recruitment, fill out the form below for a free 20 minute assessment call.

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