Welcome to Thorne Inc.

Welcome to Thorne Inc.

I’d like to introduce you to our small but vibrant operation.
It began a little more than 11 years ago, by our present CEO and Co-CEO. Over the years it has grown to include 3 talented and developing employees.

CEO and Founder
David Thorne
He has always had a passion for starting something new. His determination and entrepreneurial spirit led him to begin an enthusiastic working relationship with Jessica. David has said, “Beginning a relationship with Jessica is one of the most rational decisions I’ve ever made!” Their common vision and passion for the project led to the eventual creation of Thorne Inc.

Thorne Time

Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Jessica Thorne
From a young age Jessica always knew her life had a purpose. So, she forged a path in the corporate world in hopes of one day making a difference. Once there, she immediately found a penchant for winning. Whether it’s a board game or board room- Jessica knows success! She then met David and decided to contribute her winning ways to help form Thorne Inc.

Jessica Forbes 4

Employee #1
Caleb Thorne
First official employee of Thorne Inc. His quick wit and ability to climb anything keeps his managers and coworkers on their toes. He loves offering new possible solutions to any problem with his incredible logic. He’s a wheeling-dealing master who looks at problems from every angle. He has been an advisor to the president for two terms in the areas of “climbing objects” and “making deals”. He presently works as the Chief Financial Officer. Thorne Inc. is lucky to have Caleb on the team!


Employee #2
Logan Thorne
Logan is the heart of the organization. He cares deeply about people and Thorne Inc.’s cause. In any decision, Logan is quick to consider how that decision will affect people. He was a finalist for a Nobel Peace Prize for his benevolent work with kindergartners, in his Kindergarten class. He’s also a notable fashion icon, winning best dressed at the office for 3 years running. Logan is presently the Chief Engagement Officer and Thorne Inc. is a better place to work because of him! 

Logan Magazine

Employee #3
Micah Thorne
The newest addition to the company. He’s a firecracker who adds a bit of spice to every company endeavor. His energy and creativity for deconstructing anything are unrivaled. He has very high standards that he hopes everyone around him will meet. But, Micah is well-known and loved the world over. He’s always quick to go on any assignment and makes quick friends wherever he goes. Micah plays a dual role at Thorne Inc. He’s both the Chief Activities Officer and Chief Communication Officer. He rounds out the team, while improving Thorne Inc. in many ways!  

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Thorne Family Magazine

This rounds out Thorne Inc. If you’d like to know more about the creation of Thorne Inc.: