What is Thorne Inc.?….from my weird family to yours: part 1

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What is Thorne Inc.?

I’m working on a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management. As I consider the different ways to make use of all  the things I’m learning, one ever-present source of application is my family. I noticed that  over the years I’ve worked very hard applying leadership principles and skills to my work-related goals. But, so often, the people I love more than anyone else receive only my leadership leftovers. Two months ago I began asking the question, “What if I treated my family like a company and began applying all the best leadership principles I’m learning to them?” Thus began Thorne Inc. It’s a fictitious company based around lessons I’m learning in leading my family. I’m enjoying writing interesting posts about applying new leadership principles to families. But, I’ll be honest, sometimes my family is crazy! And let’s be even more honest, sometimes I’m crazy! So, in hopes of helping other people’s crazy family feel a little more normal, I’m also sharing some of the weirder sides of Thorne Inc. Below are a few of the weirder Thorne Inc. posts thus far for your enjoyment.

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“This is a picture of you dad!” 

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Company Expansion in the Cards? 

Thorne Inc. 2



Thorne Inc. 3


When toys make no sense

Thorne Inc. 4


Apparently I’m bad at folding laundry 

Thorne Inc. 5aThorne Inc. 5b

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